Specializes in: Commerical, Industrial & Historical Demolition, Abatement, Lead Base Paint Removal, Mold Remediation & Disaster Recovery.
Specializes in:
Commerical, Industrial & Historical Demolition, Abatement, Lead Base Paint Removal, Mold Remediation & Disaster Recovery.

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We knew from the beginning of the Distillery Mash House project that it would be a great opportunity working together with Aztec. The team not only worked well with those on site, but also worked extremely well with the customer maintaining their needs at all times and being very adaptive to their daily operations.

Thank you all for the long hours, dedication, and strong commitment to safety that each and every one put forward to make a great project.

JOSEPH BADGETT, Site Manager, Gray

Please provide this letter to those who are contemplating Aztec for future projects. As you know, Messer, and myself individually, have worked with Aztec on two recent projects – the Central Parkway YMCA historic renovation and the iconic Music Hall Revitalization. Each project presented a unique set of challenges and complexities.

Through these projects, I have found Aztec to be a collaborative partner with a commitment to planning, schedule, hardwork and safety.  Aztec’s efforts have significantly contributed to not only Messer’s success on these projects, but in creating success for our clients as well. Your team provided us timely responses to critical challenges of overcoming the ‘unknowns’ on these projects, but also provided organized, collaborative, and effective site management as well. Jay McCarthy, your on site leader, managed his team for productivity, schedule, and – most importantly – to ensure that all of your folks, and those they worked around, went home safely at the end of their day. Jay will be requested on my future projects with Aztec.

In summary, I am appreciative of Aztec’s performance for Messer on my projects. I believe that Aztec’s performance from Safety, Collaboration, and Schedule perspective will provide value for my projects in the future.


There comes a time when I must admit Aztec is truly amazing. When we first looked at this project, I thought that Vine Street Lofts would be a monumental challenge for Aztec. There is no way possible they were going to meet our schedule; however once again you exceeded my expectations. You handled each and every phase of this project in a truly professional manner, organized, safely and ahead of schedule, with little or no disruptions to other trades. When the Mayor wanted to do a walking tour of this project, I had no reservations because I knew that the quality of your work and the attention to safety would lead to numerous accolades and leave all involved with a feeling of “MV really runs and maintains a professional project”. Putting your customers’ needs first is what sets Aztec apart from other companies.

Over the past several years Aztec has performed millions of dollars in demolition, abatement and emergency fire clean-ups for Miller Valentine. I can honestly say that each and every project was handled professionally and I was kept in the loop on every detail, no matter how small. Al and his supervisors continue to look for ways to improve the schedule or for alternative methods that will save money. If the need arises for additional manpower or equipment Al, has no problem supplying whatever it takes to get the job correctly and with little or no impact on the schedule. Numerous times, Al has pointed out to me that by removing this portion of the structure now, is going to create a problem here and here’s what we can do. He always seems to have a solution in mind no matter what we encounter, a quality you just don’t find in today’s environment.

I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention that other trades truly enjoy working with Aztec. Why, because they run a clean safe site and will offer to help to other trades if the need arises. I have been asked numerous times over the years by subcontractors who is doing the demolition, when I say Aztec the response is always; great I like working with those guys they never leave a mess and the area I need to start in will be clean and all safety issues will have been addressed. That alone speaks volumes about Aztec and the people who make up the company. When you have earned not only the respect of the owners but other trades as well, you have really accomplished the impossible. Aztec is a true team player and in my fifty years in the construction business, is on a very short list of companies that I can honestly say have been a pleasure to work with.

Al, you deserve a lot of credit for making numerous projects for MV memorable and I certainly appreciate all your hard work to make sure they kick off on the right foot. Thanks again for another exceptional project.


Cox, Allen and Associates provides services for a variety of federal agencies, and through that arena recently became acquainted with Aztec Services Group from Cincinnati, Ohio. During the initial stages of a project, there was a concern about some previously unforeseen Asbestos Containing Material at the IRS Service Center in Covington, Kentucky. Immediately our HAZMAT consultant deployed a procedure for removal, working in collaboration with Aztec Services Group. All agencies were informed of the issues, permits were issued and the work was executed without any angst or problem. This work was executed at a very reasonable cost additive to a pre-existing contract without causing any delay to the balance of the construction schedule.

This exceptional service is valued by both our company and our client, the General Services Administration, Region IV. In the future, we would not hesitate to engage Aztec Services Group on any project involving any type of hazardous materials. Aztec is collaborative with other trades and epitomizes an essential component of focused problem solving.

Should there be any questions regarding Aztec Services Group, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


I just need you to know that this may have been the best demo experience of my career.  I have been involved in some very difficult and technical demos in my career so I really have an appreciation for what we were up against. I know this could have gone completely terrible if we would have gotten some yahoos in here. After day 1 I wasn’t nervous at all and it was because of Bryon Bloemker and his crew. Each and every one of them had the kind of attitudes a cm dreams of. Not once did anyone even scoff if I asked something of them, which wasn’t very often because I didn’t have to. 

 Bryon is a great leader and his guys clearly respect him. In addition, the way he worked with the electricians was fantastic! Exactly what had to happen for this to go the way it went. I know we have a bit more to complete but I can safely say I wouldn’t want any other crew on my team. 

 This was outstanding!


It was my pleasure to offer a testimonial to our contract experience with Aztec Services Group. They helped us with an accelerated demolition project to completely strip out a former big box retail project to a clean dark shell.

They handled the execution of the project with care and professionalism, they went above and beyond in addressing the unexpected conditions of the project site, and left the project in pristine condition for the recruitment of new tenants.

The close-out walk-through was an unexpected pleasure in reviewing such a completely well executed project. I would recommend them for future projects without hesitation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need any additional information.


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