Demolition and Abatement Project Safety

On all projects, Aztec Services Group believes that Customer Satisfaction and Project Safety come first. In today's construction industry safety is highly regulated, inspected and enforced. As a Demolition and Environmental Abatement Contractor for commercial and industrial clients we want our customers to know that we approach every project with the attitude that SAFETY is priority one. Demolition and Abatement projects have become very serious construction activities with regard to safety.

Project standards require a company that is properly licensed and employs skilled personnel with specialized safety training. Improper demolition or abatement practices can lead to employee injury, health risks, property damage and costly repairs. At Aztec Services Group we stress the importance of proper procedure with respect to project execution and safety to each project manager, supervisor and field laborer. With a zero incident record and no OSHA violations Aztec Services Group is your best choice for structural demolition, selective demolition, asbestos abatement, lead based paint abatement and mold remediation.

We will provide these services in the most expeditious manner possible with an ongoing, comprehensive, safety and quality control program to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Aztec's principal officers see each contract as an agreement, not between a business and its customers, but between partners that will create a close and mutually beneficial long term relationship.