Asbestos Abatement

Aztec Services Group is a leading environmental contractor in the mid-west region and has focused on asbestos abatement as one of our primary service offerings. We have successfully completed a variety of projects in government buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, and industrial facilities that contained insulated pipe, tank or duct insulation. Fireproofing, drywall, roof and flooring materials can also contain asbestos material.

Our team has extensive training and experience in removal and proper disposal of these types of asbestos containing materials. All asbestos abatement work is performed in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations. Aztec Services Group has outstanding BWC and OSHA ratings to back up our work and our commitment to health and safety on the job. In partially occupied buildings, we perform our services while assuring the safety of other building occupants. We are presently licensed for Asbestos Abatement in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.